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Starlit Forest Campfire Mug

Embrace the wilderness with our "Starlit Forest Campfire Mug." Designed for the wild at heart, this mug captures the essence of a serene forest night under the stars. It's perfect for those who find solace in the crisp mountain air or the gentle sound of a campfire crackling under the moonlight.

Each mug features a charming wraparound forest design, making it a unique piece that stands out wherever you are. You can customize the mug with your name along the lower edge, choosing from forest hues and selecting either a sleek silver or bold black rim to make it truly yours.

With a capacity of 11 ounces, it's ideal for savoring your favorite hot or cold beverages while recounting tales around the campfire or sipping coffee as dawn breaks. The lightweight and durable design make it an essential companion for your hiking, camping, or beach trips. It’s not just a mug; it's a piece of the adventure that goes with you.


  • Size: 11 fluid ounces
  • Dimensions: 3 ¼ inches by 3 ¼ inches
  • Customizable: Name, forest color, and rim color
  • Durability: Made for the outdoors – sturdy and travel-friendly
  • Care: Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning (Note: NOT microwave safe)


We are committed to sustainability, using biodegradable and eco-friendly materials for our packaging to minimize our carbon footprint.

Ready to make your outdoor experiences even more memorable? Order your personalized Starlit Forest Campfire Mug today and carry a piece of the wilderness with you!